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Release 9.1.0 (Distributed Jan 2003)


  • Added more access files
  • Added to port scan alarm:
    • lsof/netstat output
    • 'last system boot' output
  • Added "shutdown" workgroup lookup to RSSS
  • Added /vadm/supportlib/rel9.1.txt


  • Able to change AdminUX node name
  • Able to bind CAP to one interface
  • Able to bind AdminUX to a particular timezone
  • Hosts will not be pinged except for <<HOST>>
  • Intellipublish can distribute VADMKEY.lic
  • Trojan Horse will ignore orphan symbolic links


  •   AIX 5.2
  •   HP-UX 11i
  •   Red Hat 8.0

Release 9.0.3 (Distributed Dec 2002)


  • (Beta) Added feature to change AdminUX node name
    • Added
    • Added adminuxsh Set alias
  • Added 'last system boot' output to port scan alarm
  • Added
  • Added timezone to Status Board display
  • (Beta) Intellipublish can distribute VADMKEY.lic
  • Created /etc/vadm/toolkit
  • /vadm/supportlib/rel9.1.txt
  • /vadm/supportlib/rel9.2.txt
  • /vadm/supportlib/rel9.3.txt


  • DataArchiver - fixed reading tape label problem when using compression
  • Updated supportlib/envmx.txt
  • Changed Rogue Device Monitor to ignore any /dev/
  • Changed supportlib/rsss.txt
  • (Beta) Changed Remote Servers Synchronous Shutdown to look first for a workgroup by the name of 'shutdown'.  If not found will use all senders.
  • Changed display on "adminuxsh Test cap"
  • Changed EZshutdown in Linux to failsafe the directory /initrd
  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/platform.txt
  • Alarm 912 should not be created during AutoUpdate


  • (Beta) Ported AIX 5.2
  • (Beta) Ported HP-UX 11i
  • (Beta) Ported Red Hat 8.0

Release 9.0.2 (Distributed Dec 2002)

  • Added 'new owner message' to orphan file alert
  • Added feature to bind EZsender to an interface
  • Added
  • (Beta) EZsender changed to use IPADDR
  • Changed locking method in EZckpasswd
  • Fixed NIS bug in EZgetpasswd
  • Added more df retries in EZdf
  • If no EZdf data, do not try to report unmounted fs
  • All .EZchksum.list are now in /etc/vadm/checksums
  • Added -e to adminuxsh (vadmsh)
    • -e will NOT reset backspace key to default

Release 9.0.1 (Distributed Nov 2002)

  • Fixed help question mark problem in adminuxsh
  • (Beta) Trojan Horse will ignore orphan symbolic links

Release 9.0.0 (Distributed August 2002)

  • AdminUX 9 is not compatable with AdminUX 8


  • Created AdminUX PRO
  • Created AdminUX (Basic)
  • Created AdminUX ServerGuard Plus
  • New DataArchiver that uses CAP
  • Checksums for all bin, sbin directories
  • Checksums for all lib, include directories
  • Checksums for all cgi-bin directories
  • Checksums for all html directories
  • Checksums for all directories 1 level deep under html directories
  • Added -V to EZsender
  • <IGNORE> to
  • 'adminuxsh Cycle cap'
  • 'adminuxsh Display workgroups'
  • 'adminuxsh Add workgroup'
  • 'adminuxsh Remove workgroup'
  • 'adminuxsh Set workgroup'
  • 'adminuxsh Set network workgroup_desc'
  • 'adminuxsh Display network workgroup_hosts'
  • 'adminuxsh Add network workgroup_host'
  • 'adminuxsh Remove network workgroup_host'
  • Distributed Config to adminuxsh
  • Distributed Config to Menu
  • 'adminuxsh Enable logsmgr'
  • 'adminuxsh Disable logsmgr'
  • 'adminuxsh Set logsmgr days'
  • 'adminuxsh Set logsmgr hours'
  • 'adminuxsh Set logsmgr hosts'
  • 'adminuxsh Set logsmgr files'
  • 'adminuxsh Display logsmgr_files'
  • 'adminuxsh Run logsmgr'
  • Logs Manager to Menu
  • 'adminuxsh Disable file_orphans'
  • 'adminuxsh Enable file_orphans'
  • 'adminuxsh Set file_orphans_user'
  • AMC shows AMC user logins
  • Percent used to low space alert
  • AdminUX 9 vs 8 CAP warning to EZinstaller
  • Created Policy Distribution Manager Component
  • Created new directory /vadm/toolkit
  • Added lsof output to unix port scan alert alarm
  • Added netstat output to linux port scan alert alarm
  • Do not ping remote hosts except for <<HOST>>
  • Failsafe that root filesystem will be a local fs
  • Added alarms 750 and 751 for Dispatcher
  • (Beta) Added more access files


  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/machine.txt
  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/components.txt
  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/comptasks.txt
  • Changed the way CAP Receiver is installed
  • Refined scheduling for AdminUX ServerGuard Plus
  • Fixed display timing problem on DG terminals
  • Rewrote CAP
  • EZinstaller allows root to be su'ed
  • Rewrote EZgetpasswd to prevent "arg list too long"
  • Evals notify an alarm only once per day
  • Alarm 904 will go away after 4 days (5th day)
  • Security is handled by Director when VCYCLES=1
  • Security is handled by Dispatcher when VCYCLES > 1
  • deprecated; "4" assumed


  • AIX 5.1
  • SuSE 8.0

Release 8.9.3 (Distributed 8.9.3 on 08/17/02)

  • Added and GETNISGRPS to handle NIS+
  • Linux only: Stopped Failsafe from monitoring /dev/pts
  • Ported Red Hat Linux 7.3
  • Fixed an alternate console problem during boot
  • Added AES encryption to CAP
  • Added 1 (AdminUX Basic) to License Administrator
  • Added 2 (AdminUX ServerGuard Plus) to License Admin
  • Added L (Logs Manager) to License Admin
  • Created Logs Manager option
  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/cap.txt
  • Added /vadm/supportlib/logsmgr.txt
  • Updated /vadm/supportlib/platform.txt

Release 8.9.2 (Distributed 8.9.2 on 06/08/02)

  • Fixed bug in EZnightevent concerning 3 hour window

Release 8.9.1 (Distributed 8.9.1 on 05/22/02)

  • Ported TurboLinux 7.0
  • Ported SuSE Linux 7.3
  • Added squid as a user to ignore for orphan processes
  • Added checking for runaway processes to Watchdog
  • Added checking for runaway processes to Director
  • Added - EZrunaways will kill EZ processes
  • Autobackup allows backup to a file name (tar ball)
  • Fixed purging of cancel alarms for TSM=1,3,4
  • Response benchmark made to run 3 to 6 times longer
  • Director will auto install EZuptime if needed
  • Added "ipcs" and "ipcs -a" to status logs
  • Added "AdminUX is shutdown" test to vadmsh
  • Will not check mail box size if dir is read-only
  • Copied all suid AdminUX programs to /etc
  • Ported Red Hat Linux 7.2
  • Documentation updated in /vadm/webpages
  • Failsafe will no longer re-engage Logins Administrator
  • Checksums changed from CRC to MD5 for Linux
  • Added inode number to access scan (inode number, permissions, owner, group)
  • Added security audit - no passwords

Release 8.9.0 (Distributed 8.9.0 on 03/21/02)

  • Added multilanguage capability
  • Added non-graphical "Menu" to look like ACP
  • Changed definition of
  • Rewrote AdminUX AutoTune
  • Retuned AdminUX
  • Allowed to be changed
  • Fixed a display alarms problem with AMC
  • Eliminated FLUSHon switch
  • Eliminated Alarm 913
  • Removed login notification for AdminUX down
  • Removed login notification for AdminUX expiringv Added vxfs to solaris filesystem types
  • Added vadmsh Add network portwatcher_ports
  • Added cancel action to alarms
  • Changed vadmsh Disable autobackup absolute_path
  • Changed vadmsh Enable autobackup absolute_path

Release 8.8.6 (Distributed 8.8.6 on 01/19/02)

  • Changed copyright notice to 2002
  • Patch to AMC
  • Rewrote EZfixrc for HP-UX

Release 8.8.5 (Distributed 8.8.5 on 01/11/02)

  • Added history log synchronization
  • Added phrase "Enable hist_log_sync"
  • Added phrase "Disable hist_log_sync"
  • Improved alarm consolidation
  • Changed AMS to AMC
  • Added phrase "Set amc admin_logins"
  • Added phrase "Set amc operator_logins"
  • Added phrase "Set amc timeout"
  • CAP can use IP addresses for host names
  • Publish Master rewritten
  • EZshutdown now uses AdminUX alternate consoles
  • AMC code cleanup

Release 8.8.4 (Distributed 8.8.4 on 12/10/01)

  • Added RRF forecaster for filesystems
  • Added RRF forecaster for swap
  • Added RRF data colector for cpu load
  • Added publish option to SENDER
  • Added pubmaster option to SENDER
  • Added AdminUX shell phrases for autoupdate
  • vadmsh is now adminuxsh
  • Added phrase "Scan network cap_receivers"
  • Added phrase "Set network log-sync cycle"
  • Added phrase "Set network log-sync host"
  • Changed EZroguedev to ignore <> dirs
  • Added phrase "Run log-sync"

Release 8.8.3 (Distributed 8.8.3 on 10/19/01)

  • Added RRF data collector for filesystems
  • Added RRF data collector for swap
  • Changed "EZshutdown -A" (RSSS)
  • Added shutdown option to SENDER
  • Changed "Display logs "

Release 8.8.2 (Distributed 8.8.2 on 9/27/01)

  • Fixed "sort -unr" problem in EZchildren for IBM 390

Release 8.8.1 (Distributed 8.8.1 on 9/17/01)

  • Added new sections to for Linux installation
  • ACP - centered logo in right panel
  • ACP - tree panel can be made larger vertically
  • ACP - fixed prompt on the disable a daemon panel
  • ACP - corrected some help documentation
  • Added Autoupdate Watch to

Release 8.8.0

New Ports

IBM S/390 mainframe running SuSE Linux 7.0
IBM S/390 mainframe running Turbo Linux 6.2
Red Hat Linux 7.1

New Logs


New Network Features

Ability for AdminUXs to communicate with each other over a secure encrypted TCP/IP port (CAP) Alarm consolidation using CAP (ANETCOM=4)
AdminUX IntelliPublisher using CAP
AdminUX PortWatcher
AdminUX WebGuard

New Daemons Feature

Added /etc/EZporphs.local so Sys Admins can modify the behavior of AdminUX's Orphan Process Rules

Release 8.7.0


Added Beta NFS Administrator
Added GNU "find" to UNIX product
Added notice count to /etc/EZfxalrm.local
Added GNU "tar" to Unix product
Added new extended Autobackup Administrator
Added 397, 398 and 999 to
Added EZdaemons -d for ACP
Added EZdaemons -e for ACP
Added for ACP
Added support for Alarms Monitor System (AMS)
Added GNU "id" to Solaris product
Added AdminUX Control Panel (ACP)
ANETCOM added to use nsh and ssh to copy alarms
Embedded tcl/tk into Unix version
Added -g to EZstatus
Added Install adminux_update
Ported Red Hat Linux 7.0
Ported Turbo Linux 6.0
Ported SuSE Linux 6.3
Ported VA Linux


Rewrote alarm purge to work like alarm cancel
Changed EZps to get long (greater than 8) process names for Solaris and Data General.
Changed EZfind to use GNU "find" in UNIX product
Changed EZmkfsx to ignore NFS filesystems
Changed Alarms to always check in
Changed default from none to Wed (will not affect currently installed AdminUXs since updates don't override user variables)
Changed default on status screen to NOT use screen saver
Changed EZmkfilesx to remove paired s
Changed /vadm/scripts/adminux to start vadmsh if DISPLAY variable is null
Moved EZmkstatuslog from EZfdispatcher to
ACP is written in Tcl/Tk which thinks that numbers starting with a zero are octal numbers.
Matrixes were changed to remove any leading zeros.
Renamed /vadm/emci to /vadm/emco


Fixed sed problem using @ sign in EZmxupdate

Release 8.6.1

AdminUX's alarms can be sent via an SNMP trap to CA Unicenter, OpenView, Tivoli Netview or Tivoli TME
Internationalized AdminUX to run in any English speaking country regardless of the local locale
Supports Solaris 8
Supports Red Hat Linux 5.2, 6.0, 6.1
Supports Caldera Linux 2.3
Supports SuSE Linux 6.2
The command EZsu will allow a normal user to run a program or script as Superuser

Release 8.6.0

Enhanced Event Administrator interface to Alarms & Notification Administrators
Updated vadmsh keywords for Linux ports

Release 8.5.9

Changed product name to AdminUX
Bug fix concerning "usermod -G"
Bug fix in EZlogger
Bug Fix in EZthorselst in AIX
Changed Status Board to show active alarms first
Added support for Solaris 2.7
Automated sar install on Solaris
Y2K applet is not automatically installed
Beta support for Red Hat Linux 5.2 & 6.0, SuSe 6.2

Release 8.5.8

Minor bug fixes and code cleanup in preparation for new Linux ports

Release 8.5.7

Added HTML documentation (/vadm/webpages):
"index.html" and "index.htm" are links to "docframes.htm" which is the frames version using permanent navigation buttons.
This frame version also requires a JavaScript enabled browser.
"docs.htm" is the non-frame, non-JavaScript version.
Added AdminUX-Y2K Applet - This applet is now a part of AdminUX but can be a stand alone

Release 8.5.6

Tightened security

Permissions and ownership of every program and file that belongs to AdminUX has been made more restricted.
Added monitoring for file name attacks
Added "vadmsh Display security_diary"
Added large file growth - Once a file became a large file its growth was no longer monitored. Now if a large file doubles in size, it will be alarmed.
Fixed a bug in "vadmsh Move vadm"
Fixed year bug in failed logins on SCO and SUN
Moved Autobackup to 2nd job in
Fixed autobackup bug concerning OFF
Fixed alarm 116 when action = OFF
Fixed timeout problem with hp10
Added OEM trademark
Moved supportlib to /vadm
Removed /vadm/man
Added saleslib

Release 8.5.5

Beta support for DGUX 4.2 Intel
Beta support for DEC Alpha 4.0 without System V Environment
Beta support for DEC Alpha 4.0 with System V Environment
Beta support for Solaris 2.6
Beta support for OpenView Interface
Beta support for Tivoli Interface
Faster shutdown (50% improvement)
Fixed a bug with EZckpasswd. Hourly, AdminUX selects a sample of /etc/passwd entries to check for problems. It was possible for the sampling algorithm to hang and continue to sample the same entries every time.
Fixed a bug with the Night Matrix. Customized changes to the Night Matrix could return to default values.

Release 8.5.4

AdminUX expiration notice was removed from logins. (Demo version only)
Changed Quote-for-today install default from enable to disable.

New VADMSH Commands:

Demo print - This will print all reports with little interaction. (Demo version only) Run install_setup - This leads the AdminUX knowledgeable installer thru a checklist of configuration items that must be set immediately after installation of a production version. Fixed an alarm 116 bug on AIX 4.x. Alarm 116 could report that the Autobackup tape had not been inserted for tonight when it had been inserted.

Release 8.5.3

Added support for HP UX version 11

Task Scheduling:

- Added "singleuser" Task Scheduling Method. This method is similar to the "Batch" method except even less is done during the day and more during the night.

Bugs Fixed:

- Fixed alarm reporting bug in Report Card.
- Files Administrator will only trim text files.
- Performance Administrator will verify the integrity of sar data files before trying to open them.

New Tasks Added

- Added TASKS.log and Alarm 790 to alert changes in the TASKS log.
- All tasks defined in the Tasks Matrix are now monitored for successful completion. Failure of such a task is recorded in the TASKS log.

New Features/Enhancements:

- Boot Administrator will fix an incorrect year caused by the Year 2000 (Y2K) CMOS bug.
- Added SEVERITY variable to the Alarms Matrix. SEVERITY identifies how important is the alarm.
- Virtual Administrator can be renamed to an OEM name.

New VADM Shell Commands:

- Disable vadm_tmp & Enable vadm_tmp
- Temp VADM files being created in a specific file system can be disabled/enabled respectively.
- Scan system_commands - are all VADM System Commands working correctly?
- Set night
- Configure the Night Administrator.
- Set network
- Configure the Network Administrator.
- Move vadm (This takes the worry out of moving AdminUX from one place to another.)
- Set process_orphans - configure orphan processes.
- Set runaways - configure runaway processes.

Release 8.4.5

Added ability to su to root to run AdminUX (Installation, update & removal of AdminUX still require root login)

New Performance Analysis Sections:

- Added new section "serial i/o" (SCO Open Server 5)
- Added new section "mp buffers" (SCO Open Server 5)
- Added the ability to exclude users from Vadm regular user definition
- AdminUX now uses the system defined interrupt key to exit the Status Board screen

Added new commands:

- EZruntask - Monitors any process for a valid run and logs all exceptions
- EZlastboot - Vadm version of standard UNIX uptime command

Vadmsh enhancements:

- Improved help system display and format
- First word of each phrase is now capiltalized to distinguish them from standard UNIX system commands
- Added "Set tape_device" phrase
- Added "Set alt_tape_device" phrase
- Added "Set slowmode" phrase
- Added "Install vadm_tape" phrase

Bug Fixes

- Fixed file systems bug in the Monthly Report Card
- Fixed 'missing files' bug in report card